Midwest Cannabis Education Conference 2017

Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, IL

November 11, 2017, Oak Brook, IL

We heard from top international speakers on cannabis dosing, how much, how often, and best consumption methods for specific conditions. The 2017 conference also featured discussions on cannabinoids as antitumor therapy, expert panels, and other popular topics and updates.

Topics covered included:

  • Preclinical Evidence Supporting the Use of Cannabinoids as Antitumor Therapy. Dr. Cristina Sanchez
  • Using Cannabinoids as Antitumor Therapy. Dr. Joseph Goldstrich
  • Can Cannabis Medicine Be Accurately and Consistently Dosed? Mara Gordon
  • Panel Discussion with Mara Gordon, Dr. Joseph Goldstrich, and Dr. Cristina Sanchez

Thank you to all of our exhibitors, sponsors, staff, and attendees for making this such a special event!