Midwest Cannabis Education Conference coming to Chicago JUNE 7-8, 2019

Two days of crucial medical cannabis education on topics including: Medical benefits of cannabis, Incorporating cannabis into your practice, Legal risks, Drug interractions, Lab testing medicine and results, Dosing for specific conditions, Autism and cannabis, Coming off opioids with cannabis, and many more.

CME and CEU Credits will be available at the conference

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AOA Supports Research on Cannabis

The American Osteopathic Association supports reclassification of cannabis as a Schedule II Drug to facilitate advancement in clinical, public health, patient safety and health policy research, according to a resolution approved by the AOA House of Delegates.


MCE Co-Founder Pushes for Cannabis Access for Patients Taking Opioids

Melissa Hallbeck, Co-Founder of the Midwest Cannabis Education Conference and a strong advocate for cannabis as medicine, addressed reporters at the Illinois Opioid Bill signing allowing medical cannabis as an alternative to painkillers. New rules will be implemented by the state in December, 2018.

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Scientist Discovers the Ability to Kill Cancer Cells with THC

Dr. Cristina Sanchez is a molecular biologist working at the Compultense University in Spain's capital city of Madrid. In this video she talks about her research which led to the findings that THC is capable of killing cancer cells. Courtesy of: Cannabis Planet

Hear Dr. Sanchez speak at the 2019 Midwest Cannabis Education Conference while earning CME Credit on June 7-8, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

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Physician's Code of Ethics and Medical Marijuana

The Principles of Medical ethics of the AMA article III states "A physician shall respect the law and also recognize a responsibility to seek changes in those requirements which are contrary to the best interests of the patient."

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Eighteen year old medical marijuana refugee is able to return to Illinois

Read the interview with Coltyn Turner in the Chicago Sun Times from the Midwest Cannabis Education Conference.



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Article Five Years Old Discusses Lack of Cannabis Education for Physicians; Have We Moved Forward?

Cannabis is medically or recreationally legal in over 35 states and the District of Columbia, with pending legislation in others. So why are healthcare professionals still in the dark?

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Call for Care: Cancer

A recent story posted by NPR highlights the need for knowledgable cannabis physicians to provide quality patient care. A statement from the article reads "Only about 1 percent of Massachusett...

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Physicians Struggling with Responding to Questions from Patients on Medical Marijuana

With the growing body of research that is showing therapeutic value in using medical marijuana to treat a range of medical conditions, physicians are finding themselves il-equipped when getting que...

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